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Y1S1 Done!

Vlog is on its way , will be taking a little longer this time

Final Design Studio Assignment

The final assignment for design studio was creating the site at a 1:20 scale, this made our model including base 2m tall. The design task was to build spaces and surfaces in the sight to give an experience, we also had to make 1 or more characters to experience the sight and design. My groups design was a meteor hitting the site and our characters were being interviewed by a news anchor saying what happened to them.

Download PDF • 1.41MB
Download PDF • 10.56MB

Final Representation 1 Assignment

The 3 parts of the final rep assignment were the model, shown in previous weeks, an abstract collage of the model and a poster recapping the semester.

Download PDF • 2.93MB

Environment 1 Final Assignment

Backyard biodiversity required us to design a backyard in a choice of suburbs around Adelaide. My suburb was in Hope Valley, we had to think about design aspects to coincide with the residence of the house and create a garden that would attract native fauna.

#This file is still a working progress and will be update upon completion#

The second Environment assignment from a few weeks ago

Assignment II Eco-analysis_Final
Download PDF • 15.37MB

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