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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

This is my first blog entry, I'm starting architecture at Adelaide University this week.

At the moment I'm setting up my website as a blog / portfolio for my studies. I plan on doing a weekly recap on some topics you'll find in the video attached. Which I guess can be called a Vlog now that Im also doing a blog as well.

Most of the entries to the blog will just be links to the youtube video of my vlog, and my writing will just be extra notes on the video if i missed anything or find it easier to put something into words over talking about it.

The idea behind all of this which I also cover in the vlog is to improve my communication skills as I will be needing them to be sharp in architecture especially when presenting design ideas or designs.

Not much else to say here at the moment I've got my first lecture in a few hours and just preparing for that.



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