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Catching Up - Week 4

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I missed a week, catching up since my last vlog I talk about some progress I'm making.

Some images of my work, like i mentioned in the the vlog.

Design Studio 2 - Making a surface in Rhino.

My Physical models and computer models presented showing different forms and materials to make surface.

My next assignment is to construct a more polished physical model to fill the site with.

Representation 1 - Box for my models

Constructed a box to help us draw our models. Simple cardboard box double layered, to contain our models making visual planes surrounding the models.

Environment 1 - Vernacular Architecture

Post for my Study of vernacular architecture, my case was the Svaneti Tower houses in Georgia.

A short essay and hand drawn illustrations of the development of vernacular architecture.


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