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Great Ocean Road

A trip to Lorne on the Great Ocean Road started with a 12 hour drive. This included driving the south western end of the GOR, with the winding roads through the forest on top the mountain range, beside the Aire River Wildlife Reserve and of-course along the roads sculpted into the mountain range along the ocean.


The first full day we had planned to drive back down the coast and take photos. We got to Cumberland River, intending to walk to the waterfall, unfortunately it started raining as we started and we were forced to turn back. We decided against driving further around the coast line as the roads were quite wet. We headed into Melbourne for some shopping, we had an early dinner on Lygon street and headed home before it go to dark.



The second day cleared up ever so slightly, more like it didn’t rain, this did make for some excellent lighting conditions, the soft light created naturally by the clouds. The clouds also added a dramatic covering to the mountain tops, as well as making the water a beautiful blue. 

I had a photo planned at the far side of the Aire Rive Wildlife Reserve, so we made our way along the GOR till we got there taking photos as we drove along the cliffs. Unfortunately the cloud cover was too low for the shot I had planned and it didn’t work out, but I was very pleased with a number of shots I got along the way.


The third day we headed the other direction towards Torquay, with some stops at Bells Beach and Areys Inlet. Driving by the ‘Around the Twist’ lighthouse is always a highlight. We once again made our way back into Melbourne to watch the first AFL game of the year, Richmond v Carlton pulling a crowd of 85 thousand, making a great atmosphere. We drove back to Lorne after the game getting in late.


The final day was a late start for the drive back to Adelaide, we took a different route hoping to save time.

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