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Garden Design - Hope Valley garden

Design Intent

Site 4

Hope Valley, South Australia 5090


Hope Valley is situated in a footslopes area, dominated by woodlands, the general soil composition is black earth, red brown earth and terra rossa (“Adelaide plains in 1836”, Planning SA). Due to the outlook across the valley the soil is generally well drained and native vegetation doesn’t require much watering.


Hope Valley is a relatively dry area with an annual mean rainfall of 590mm. Temperatures averaging 22.1 °C in summer and 10.8 °C in winter (Hope Valley climate, Farmonlineweather).

The circulating breezes associated with a valley puts the average winds speed of 11km/h (Hope Valley Monthly Climate Averages,


The 660m2 block, with access the street to the north. Has the house situated roughly a third into the block, this along with the gradual upwards slope of 3 meters means the front yard receives full sun light year round and the back yard can be shaded by the house for the lower sun months.

Existing structures

The front yard contains an existing retaining wall and steps to the verandah. A double driveway will have to be incorporated into the design leading to the double garage below the house.

The only existing structure in the back yard is the 40m2 verandah.


A key feature of the site is the outlook across the valley, maintaining views from the house and the backyard is a goal of the design.


A large family that like to entertain. Keeping their desire to entertain extended family is a key stepping stone for the design. Ensuring plenty of space to entertain, both adults and younger family members. 

In the Hope Valley area there are a number of nearby schools, sports clubs and shops. Tea Tree Plaza minutes away as well as the Modbury Hospital.

Plant choice

Native plants are primarily used, except the back-yard lawn and the imported food bearing plants in the vegetable garden.

The Golden Wattles is used as feature plants, while also attracting native fauna and providing a screen from sun light and direct line of sight from the street. Accent shrubs such as the Stick Hop Bush are used as contrast to the golden colour of the wattles, these are also used to create habitats for smaller animals as well as planting closer to the house to maintain cooler summers.


The shade and protection provided by the native plants in both the front and back yard give birds, insects and small mammals lots of opportunity to hide from prey. The water feature in the front yard also provides water to animals on the ground and doubles as a bird bath.

Fauna attracted

The choice of plants aims to attract native birds, that like the vegetation for food and nesting. Some plants are good for providing homes for small mammals (Squirrel Glider, Australian Museum).

Food production

The main area of food production is the raised vegetables patches at the southern end of the garden, these are used primarily for introduced species of food producing plants, in the main garden the Quandong, a native plant, produces an edible native peach (Santalum acuminatum, Plant Selector). 

Dynamic garden 

Growing density is the goal of the garden to provide privacy from neighbours and passers by on the street. As the garden ages it should develop into a lush native yard with plenty of animals, and room for family. The native plants chosen are low maintenance requiring little attention but also respond well to pruning.

Seasonal change

Spring brings the garden to life with most of the native plants flowering then, exploding yellows and reds throughout the garden. Some of the plants flowering for longer or in two seasons. 

Birds such as the White-winged Triller migrate to southern Australia during the summer (White-winged Triller, Australian Museum) bringing more life to the garden during this time of year.

The physical model made from foam core, follows the previous model built in extending to the sky. On one side it a repetition of triangular shapes, with a contrast a one main rectangular shape on the other side. Finding the balance for the model ensuring it stands on multiple sides was a priority.

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